4 Fun Family Activities to Celebrate Vietnam National Day


Independence Day of Vietnam or Vietnam National Day is an important date in the history of the country. Many people celebrate it in different ways such as festivals, fireworks, parades, speeches, etc. If you think about fun family activities, there are some ideas you can plan.

Going to the Mountains

Nature is always interesting. If you are excited to celebrate it with nature, you can consider going to the mountains. There, you can see and picture beautiful scenery. A mountain trip is very delightful, especially if you do it with your family. To make it more enjoyable, you can rent a cabin, have a tea on the terrace, or just relax seeing the scenery.

Start a Bonfire

It is also a good idea to enjoy warmth on a cool day. Starting a bonfire will be perfect. Enjoying this activity with family while roasting marshmallows and cooking hot dogs will be unforgettable. Having a bonfire to celebrate the national holiday belongs to one of the most fun and favorite activities done by many people.

Telling Stories

Feeling tired to do activities outside? You can still enjoy your national holiday with your family at home. For example, you can tell stories. You can choose your own theme. You may want to tell the history of your family. You can use photos to make the story much more interesting. Nothing is better than telling stories while having a cup of hot chocolate.

No Cell phone Day

Today, it is almost impossible to keep away from phone. “No cell phone day” can be a good idea to make you more intimate with your family. Without turning on phones, you and your family may go to some beautiful places, have a dinner, etc. Are you inspired with these fun family activities?

Description: Fun family activities on the national holidays can be planned in various ideas such as going to the mountains, starting a bonfire, telling stories, and no cell phone day. 

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